Are you working really hard to launch your work into the world and feel like you have to sacrifice too much to be successful?

You CAN launch powerfully online and NOT have it take over your life!
You CAN grow a successful business while still honoring your other roles in life as a wife, partner or mom…or all of the me.
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Join Me and 13 Other Successful SUPERWOMEN Who Are Sharing How to Rock Your Launch AND Still Have a Life You Love!

Here’s what I know…

  • There are way too many brilliant women out there—women just like you—who have SO much to offer... but who often struggle because they believe they can't pull off an incredible launch, or because they don’t think they’re ready to.
  • So many women I know with powerful messages to share have put everything they have into a launch, only to feel like it failed because it didn't result in the sales they wanted... so they become afraid to try it again.
  • As women, we fill so many roles in our daily lives that it's easy to become overworked and exhausted during a launch. From there, future launches seem like a ton of work, so we put them off sometimes indefinitely.

It doesn't have to be this way!

You CAN grow your business while still honoring your other roles as a wife, partner and/or mom!

And THAT’S where this virtual event comes in.

I hand-picked 13 women who model the fact that it IS possible to not only rock your launches, but to continue to enjoy the other aspects of your life at the exact same time, by harnessing the powerful way of a women’s nature to nurture all in her life.

They know what it's like to wear several different hats, to play several different roles, to value their priorities and to make things happen.

They've had challenges and they've succeeded, and now, they're coming together to share their best advice and tips so YOU can create powerful launches while remaining true to your most important values!

Introducing Our Superwoman Launch Experts

This is NOT an event that's going to teach you a
collection of techniques for creating a “stop everything in your life, all-or-nothing” kind of launch.

In fact, those types of launches are the ones that exhaust so many hard-working women.

Instead, you're going to learn how these women do it while still managing their lives (without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted).

Here are just a few of the powerful lessons you'll learn when you join us for this groundbreaking training:

  • Real-Life examples of the power of launching—for growing a business, serving your community, and providing great learning opportunities.
  • The most effective practices for leveraging your efforts so you can serve your community and yourself at the highest possible level.
  • Stories of exactly how these Superwomen define what "having a life you love" or "having it all" means, and how they actually implement it in their lives and businesses.
  • What doesn't work when it comes to creating rockstar launches—and how to avoid learning these lessons the hard way.
  • Some of the most costly launch-related mistakes to avoid.

And there’s so much more!

So, if you're a passionate woman with several roles to fill who also has a desire to spread your message and change the world, join us to discover a completely new way to rock your launches while living your most fulfilled and rewarding life!

A launch may feel big and overwhelming, especially if you’ve experienced one that didn’t go as you had hoped in the past. It may feel like it has the potential to take over your life. It may seem like more work than it's worth.

But that's because you may not have done it quite like this before.

I’m taking a stand for all the women like YOU who deserve to HAVE IT ALL…and NOT have to settle for anything less.

maribel-your-dream-launch-mentorThere’s NOBODY else in the world like YOU...

You have a mission and have everything inside to make it happen...

You are meant to share it with the world...

You CAN create the level of success you dream about...

And you don’t have to sacrifice your loved ones to do it either! I invite you…we need YOU…as a women who experienced the shaming, guilt and burden of feeling like I had to give something up in order to manifest my big dreams, I’ve learned that I was wrong!

Thinking that way, kept me working harder than ever, trying to please everyone to work my way, trying to do it alone because I thought I didn’t deserve to ask for help and needed to just keep working hard to make it.

I know this different way…the superwoman way…and have surrounded myself with other superwoman who know it and are experiencing it too…

AND I’m bringing 13 of them to YOU...join us!

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Discover real-life advice, secrets, tips and tricks from real-life Superwomen who launch and experience great success, personally and professionally.

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